There is no project too daunting for our seasoned team of Hispanic market experts. Our experience transcreating and culturally adapting materials from English to Spanish is vast and calibrated to reach specific U.S. Hispanic audiences. That begins with identifying what sub-segment within Hispanics will engage with your brand, and then working backwards to adapt the accurate Spanish terminology that speaks to all U.S.-based Spanish speakers like the Puerto Ricans in Orlando or the Salvadorans in Los Angeles.

In partnership, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s national Choose My Plate initiative, we translated over 2,000 recipes and more than 100 USDA food fact sheets, delivering healthy living messages to thousands of Hispanic homes across the nation. Half a million translated words later, our commitment to spreading USDA’s message to Hispanic households remains stronger than ever.

  • Client:

    United States Department of Agriculture

  • Skills:
    • Translation/Production