USHCC Chamber Training Institute & National Convention

Last year, Stanford’s Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative released their 2015 State of Latino Business in which they surveyed over 1 million Latino-owned businesses and found that if all Latino-owned businesses averaged the same yearly sales per firm as non-Latino owned businesses, a substantial $1.38 trillion would have been added to the American economy. This is a cause we’re passionate about. So we partnered with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), who represents 4.1 million Latino-owned businesses, and Wells Fargo, the #1 lender to small businesses in the U.S., to create the Chamber Training Institute.

We invited Hispanic chamber leaders to two-day seminars with top Notre Dame professors to learn new skills that would foster entrepreneurial growth at their own chambers. Working with top Hispanic household names like Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julian Castro, and Governor Susana Martinez, we created a marketing and PR platform across six cities. The approach increased ROI for corporate sponsors by molding a media strategy that aligns with corporate objectives.

Our successful partnership with USHCC was so fruitful that we continued support into their 2014 National Convention. While in Salt Lake City, at the largest gathering of Latino-business owners in the nation, we generated over 150 million media impressions with outlets like the Associated Press, Agencia EFE, NBC News Latino, and HuffPost Latino Voices.

  • Client:

    United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

  • Skills:
    • PR
    • Integrated Marketing