Vincent Cuellar

Integrated Marketing Manager

  • Bio:

    If PR was a confetti balloon, 21st century social media and tech convergence led to the PR confetti balloon exploding EVERYWHERE. Vincent picks up that marketing confetti and makes paper airplanes with it. That’s how we understand “integrated.” He focuses on getting the best use of marketing practices for PR purposes- it just so happens that the vast expanse of marketing practices grows every day, every hour. Tough work for us, great for the client who wants big ideas.

  • Side Hustles:

    Grad school, new husband & parent, FC Barcelona, brainstorming app ideas and biz development

  • Currently reading:

    General Patton’s biography and “The Food Lab” by Kenji Lopez Alt

  • Hails from:

    Northern Virginia. Christopher Newport University for Communications & Spanish, and currently at Georgetown for Masters in Integrated Marketing.