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I began working in public relations about age seven. I was the family spokesperson. That was my role. I ordered the pizza. I booked the travel. I promoted and worked the yard sales. I would compare sales from the year before to see if we did better. One year I asked my dad if he could buy soda cans and snacks because I saw other yard sales from the year before selling those. I was only eight by then.

I thought; let’s see what we can do next. Why not?

Like many small business owners I had this wild idea that maybe, just maybe, a work place could exist where everyone could embrace their inner nerd/over-achiever/Brainy-Smurf without judgment and we could create big things.

I was very fortunate to have a great model for this ideal work environment—my own family—a place full of love, encouragement, fun, commitment and results. Yes. That’s right, my family is results-driven. Any other children of immigrants out there know the mentality that our parents instilled in us. America is a place of opportunity for those who work hard.

We’re fresh on the heels of learning that we won the 2013 PRSA Silver Anvil Award for our work with Wells Fargo on the consumer financial education campaign for the Hispanic community.

JElena Group is a team of uniquely talented individuals that, together, deliver more to clients than just ideas. Individually we are all great (don’t get me wrong) but our greatest gift is working closely together and sharing ideas. We take pride in serving as catalysts to enable our communities to thrive by actively seeking ways to provide resources to individuals so they may better their own lives and in turn do well for their families and loved ones. We do it well because we serve each other first and then the media, our clients, partners, and communities.

My commitment to you, like I’ve made to my team, is to provide a voice—of an entrepreneur and knowledge seeker— to keep you informed, challenged and included in our conversation. We want to hear what you think about our ideas so that they can morph into better ones.

“It’s not enough to be the best at what you do. You have to be the only ones who can do what you do.”—Jerry Garcia

Every day we want to grow and do a little bit better than we did the day before.

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