By: Renee Johnson On: September 13, 2013 In: JEG Musings Comments: 0

In one second, how many emails are sent, Instagram photos uploaded, tweets tweeted? It’s hard to imagine the amount of information shared on the Internet. Just think, 30 years ago the Internet didn’t even exist, yet today, the Internet and social media have become engrained in our lives and have changed the way people communicate. Have you ever stopped to wonder, how much data are we really creating?

A recent project One Second on the Internet, built by Designly, ponders this question with surprising results allowing the user to see in real time just how much content is being uploaded and shared via popular social networking sites like Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and Skype. Through the data visualizations you can see how quickly information is shared online.

Discover what happens on the Internet every second, here.

Every Second on the Internet - YouTube
Every Second on the Internet - Facebook
Every Second on the Internet - Twitter


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