Renee Johnson

Account Director

  • Bio:

    When Neil Armstrong and company walked on the moon on July 20, 1969, it was a testament to human ingenuity. Moreover, it exemplified the possibilities of what a team can accomplish when a game plan is in sync, details are accounted for and communication is clear. These are the values Renee lives and breathes by as the account director. She is Houston Mission Control to our lunar ambitions. Her Zen is a Moleskine notebook with a check in all the account boxes.

  • Side Hustles:

    Coffee connoisseur, up-and-coming chef, Bear Grylls-in-training hiking & exploration

  • Currently reading:

    New audiobooks in rotation every week

  • Hails from:

    Upstate New York native. Studied Advertising & public relations at Rochester Institute of Technology. Go Tigers!